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Manoj Surya
4 min readNov 12, 2021


Few days of — living in between the hills, nature pool, solo walks

View from the balcony, PC: Manoj

I came to Vagamon from Kochi on Nov 6th 2021.

Kochi(bus) -> Pala (auto, because not many private buses available because of govt buses strike) -> Vagamon.

I arrived at 9.30 pm and was dropped at the entrance to Zostel. I think it’s 300 meters to walk inside with no lights.

I called the Zostel guys to check if it’s safe to walk and they assured me I can walk in safely without worrying about anything (I specifically asked about reptiles).

View from the balcony, PC: Manoj

I hardly could see anything around at the night. I was tired and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning. This(above) was the scenery I got to see. I figured we are surrounded by hills(like above).

Honestly, first I felt. Okay, small hills, what about it?. Took me a day to sink into this and to start appreciating the fact that I’m in the middle of dense, green, beautiful hills.

The fact that I came from Kochi(city) to this made a difference. I really started to appreciate more of these offbeat places that are away from buildings, signals, honking and a lot of noise.

It was Sunday morning (Nov 7th 2021). I did not want to wake up at 5.30 am for the Jeep ride which I was told is a No miss.

I planned to stay here for 3–4 days, so skipped the Jeep ride for another day.

I was told there is a natural pool within the property. I went alone to find it.

Random pool on the way to the infinity pool, PC: Manoj

But ended up halfway (I thought the above is the infinity pool but isn’t). Went into it. The ground was totally uneven. So I started coming back.

Small waterfalls within Zostel property, PC: Manoj

There is a tiny waterfall on the way back. So went under it after scouting the depth around. It’s an isolated place. You can go skinny dipping at odd times and no one will find out(no I didn’t try).

The whole day that day. I sat on the balcony and chilled a bit.

The next day I woke up to find the hostel almost empty. So I went for a short 20min hike beside the Zostel property.

A bench on top of the hill, PC: Manoj

Found this bench on top of it. Whoever had made this here. Is very thoughtful.

Looking for a better view(actually posing for the picture). PC: Manoj

Of course, the next logical thing to do is to climb on it to get a better view(above).

Partial view from the top of the hill, PC: Manoj

This is a partial view of what I saw from there. This place is surrounded by even more hills.

I chilled until lunchtime and went to check for the Infinity Pool.

Zostel Vagaom, Infinity pool, PC: Manoj
This picture is when the mist came and it started to drizzle, PC: Manoj

The next day morning we went to check nearby viewpoints and water walls in the Jeep. We saw Iddiki Dam, suicide point, one water wall and a couple of other viewpoints (don’t remember the names). It’s a one time go.

Picture near the water fall, PC: Jeep Driver
Group picture at Suicide point(viewpoint), PC: Vivek

After coming back. I packed up to leave.

Net picture(what should I call this?), PC: One Zostel Staff

Before leaving. I got a picture clicked(above). It’s right at the entrance of the Zostel property.

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