A year of 100 Coffee/Teas — 2017

Manoj Surya
2 min readDec 31, 2017


After 71 teas, 29 coffees at 76 different places, here is how my Instagram profile looks like now — https://www.instagram.com/manojsurya/ , and my cousin sister Manorama helped me put all these in an google sheet so i can track my coffee/tea numbers better and here it is — https://goo.gl/ctCi9v

Sometimes you keep doing things and figure out you could do it better if you are doing it anyways. At the start of 2017 i was getting into a lot of meetings with different people for work in coffee shops.

While i waited for them or sometimes i go into coffee shops and start working there, strangely enough i picked the habit of clicking the pictures of whatever coffee/tea i was having there and started posting on my Instagram.

At some point i thought it would be fun to try 100 different coffee/tea in 2017 and i just did. I wasnt an addict of caffine then or even now but probably i might have started liking few types of coffee & tea.

Here are my best recommended places to go

  • Chit Chat Chai — Masala Tea
  • White Board Cafe — Masala Tea
  • Al — Saba — Irani Chai (The best Irani Chai and samosas i tasted so far)
  • Karachi Cafe — Irani Chai
  • Stalls out side DLF — Best Lemon Teas
  • Dostea — Masala Coffee
  • Starbucks — CocoaCoffee (or CocoaCappachino)
  • Starbucks — FrenchPress (Black Coffee)
  • Gourment Baklava — Turkish coffee (Black Coffee)

I started liking more of black coffee than the normal ones and i realised very few can make good teas and green teas are not autentic(they give dip bags)

I honesly have to admit that i started hating a lot of coffee shops for two reasons

  1. Most of them give dip tea bags when you order and its not authentic and not worth it
  2. Most of them dont know to make a good coffee, forget about having great coffee

Forget about people saying coffee shop business is crowded, i would say there are hardly handful of good ones with authentic making. I really hope Hyderabad would get a coffee shop that has wonderful authentic Coffees and Teas.

May be in 2018 i would try to be very selective on where i would go. If you have got good recommendations, hit me up :) !

If you have read this far, thank you :) , and i hope we all find few more little things to do in 2018 that we love to do and experience.



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